Northern Wake Leads Group Logistics, Rules, Helpful Hints

What is the format? Our structure is not about a closed shop where everyone gives each other work. It’s much more powerful than that! It’s fundamentally about the act of referring business to people that you have grown to know, like and trust, and for them to do the same for you.

The meeting agenda includes welcome, announcements, 30-second commercials from each business, testimonials, open networking, 10 minute speaker, door prizes and drawings.

Why? The Northern Wake Leads Group provides an unrestricted, friendly, and collaborative environment, where business owners and professionals from a wide range of industries come together to network and build relationships in a casual setting… It’s that simple!

Do You Like Rush Hour Traffic? You are welcome to show up a bit early and avoid the rush hour traffic. Arriving early also affords you some extra time for networking and promoting your business.

Visitors Gift Bags: Consider placing something of value in the visitor gift bags, no business cards, flyers, or coupons, please. Showing up early affords you an opportunity to place your flyers, event announcements, coupons, etc. in every chair and at every place.

Door Prizes: Donating a door prize gives you an extra opportunity to advertise your business. Door prizes need to be items of value; again , no business cards, flyers or coupons.

How? There are no annual dues or membership assessments. To be a member in good standing, attendance of twice monthly is expected, although exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances. To become a full fledged member an attendance of six meetings (not necessarily consecutive) is required. Membership allows you the opportunity of presenting before the group and to be added to the NWLG website for the world to see.

Optional One Dollar ($1) Drawing: Place your business card and one dollar ($1) in the optional drawing. One card will be selected and that person will receive that week’s kitty. One of that week’s new visitors will then receive all the business cards resulting from the drawing.

Express Check In: Although we do keep change on hand, Check In moves quickly when you have the correct change. Sorry, we are not able to accept checks. Monies collected pay for the meeting room, coffee, brochures, visitor bags and After Hours. At $5 per week, the Northern Wake Leads Group is a great networking value!

Cell Phone Etiquette: Please understand that receiving calls during the meeting is a disruption to everyone. Please turn off all pagers, cell phones, etc, or place on silence / vibrate mode, and return calls following the meeting. If you are on emergency support, sit next to a door and quietly excuse yourself.