Statistics show that 80% of all sales are made somewhere between the fifth and twelfth contact with a potential new customer. At NWLG we also believe that word of mouth marketing is unbeatable advertising. We all are more likely to do business with someone we know and trust or who is referred to us by someone we know and trust. We encourage our members to spend time with one another getting to know each other’s business. Being able to promote each other’s interests in a thoughtful way has generated increased revenue and built many strategic alliances.

Your time is your money (and ours!) and we appreciate that life doesn’t always allow for keeping a schedule, even with the best of intentions. NWLG meets weekly and after your first six meetings you are eligible for membership. Our attendance policy is only that you make two meetings a month in order to retain active member status. As an active member your business cards are available and shared with everyone at each meeting, regardless of your being there. It also means additional web presence with a bio on our site describing your business and the services you provide. Members are given the opportunity to make presentations to the group on a rotating basis and are always encouraged to take advantage of the built-in networking time we include at each meeting. Also, we invite members to represent NWLG at local chamber meetings, providing yet another source for building relationships and growing your business image.

Established in 2008, NWLG is a sister chapter to the Chapel Hill Leads Group and is one of ten such affiliated groups in the triangle. The formula worked so well that it had to be repeated! Presently we have more than 40 active members and growing strong.

We love visitors too! Each of us started out as one and we appreciate how it feels to try something new and different. We warmly welcome newcomers to experience the synergy of our group – we know you’ll come back for more, we all did!

NWLG is special in its commitment to not require annual dues from our members. We don’t charge a registration or application fee and the weekly meeting cost is only $5 and mostly covers coffee (we like our caffeine). Visitors attend free of charge the first time. We don’t track or demand referrals, we just know that when you give you receive and we have many members who can share their personal experiences of that phenomenon within our circle. We are all volunteers, not paid employees, and we work as a team. Sometimes the most important connection you can make for you business is the one you make to a team effort. We love for our members to be involved, promoting one another and our group.

Please feel free to join us any Tuesday morning, 8:30am at The Real McCoy on Rogers Road in Wake Forest. Typically meetings include introductions and visitor welcome, 30 second “commercials” from each member and/or guest about their business and what they need in terms of referrals, testimonials for members about jobs well done in the last week, ten minutes of open networking, a ten minute presentation by a member about some aspect of their business, announcements, raffle & door prizes (we love presents & goodies). Add a sprinkle of genuine care for one another, a little laughter and a positive perspective on the future and you’ve got yourself one extraordinary meeting!