Welcome to Northern Wake Leads Group! We are a gathering of dedicated and thoughtful business professionals interested in you and how we can help you to realize the true potential of your business. By definition, to network is to create a system of connections and at NWLG we believe it’s one of the most useful tools for getting business done.(or – it’s what we do best!)

What separates NWLG from the rest of the networking pack is our spirit of community. We all know that for successful growth in the business world it is important to build strong relationships, not just with clients but with referral partners as well. We have experienced each other’s success through a deeply rooted support system that grows stronger with each new member. We have branched out as a cohesive entity of our own and joined both the Wake Forest and Rolesville Chambers of Commerce. Our connections to each other and to the community at large have made NWLG one of the most effective meet and greets in the triangle.